Ideas for Your Best Christmas Festival

Ideas for Your Best Christmas Festival

Home Deco for Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

The festival of parade, fun, entertainment, before the New Year has arrived. PURI Estate therefore invites you to decorate a 2-storey house / two-story townhome or a suburban townhome for Christmas. Don’t worry about this work. Because even though the space is limited But the idea is just a few things Change the house 2-storey house / Two-story townhome or a simple suburban townhome as a 2-storey house / Two-story townhome or a suburban townhome that will surely be merry for Christmas.

  1. Decorate the bedroom and living room with a cute little Christmas tree.

If it is a two-story house / two-story townhome You can choose a small Christmas tree. Place it on the table in the bedroom or living room. Instead, choose to decorate your home with a large Christmas tree on the floor. Because of decorating a two-story house / two-story townhome With a little Christmas tree placed on the table at eye level, it is enough to create a happy atmosphere for a two-story house / two-story townhome. Or try the idea of ​​using ribbon to paste on the door of the bedroom and living room. To make a simple Christmas tree But chic is not defeated by anyone Can be used with both ribbon and rainbow. Including flashing lights Before staring on the tip a little Currently, there is a wall mount designed especially for Christmas and New Year season. Certification is lovely. This idea can be used in bedroom and living room.

  1. A gift box is good, put it in the living room.

For anyone who wants to save their budget and have fun Or just want to decorate your home right away for both Christmas and New Years, PURI Estate recommends trying out the gift boxes that wrap themselves in a two-story home / two-story townhome or a suburban townhome. Looks warm and full of joy. Choose the wrapping paper you like. Placed at different angles Or it could be hung on the door of the house. And if you want to have fun decorating your home in this New Year season Then try to put a small gift for the people in the house to open for a surprise. PURI Estate guarantees fun throughout the festival of happiness. Or try placing a gift box in the living room When you have friends visit, try letting them open. Surprise guarantee

  1. Christmas balls can add a nice atmosphere to the bathroom too.

For the bathroom is not inferior I would like to join in the Christmas decoration house. But taking a Christmas tree or a gift box might not be ideal. While hanging the light would not work because it would be dangerous Try a glittering and cute Christmas ball. Add a Christmas atmosphere like two-story homeowners / two-story townhomes and suburban townhomes, this idea PURI Estate would like to say that it is economical as well. Happy to shower

  1. Change some furniture in the bedroom and living room to red. Green and gold

For those who do not want to add decorative 2-storey houses / two-story townhomes and suburban townhomes Maybe with fear of the mess Or when the festival is over and don’t know where to put it Try looking for furniture Or furniture that you want to change And try changing it to red, green or gold. Which is the symbolic color during Christmas Can add atmosphere while maintaining the style of decoration of the house

  1. Add a Christmas tree to the green garden.

In addition to the rooms in the two-story house / two-story townhomes and suburban townhomes, PURI Estate recommends trying to add a real Christmas tree or its full name, Poinsettia, into the garden of the two-story house. / Two-story townhomes and suburban townhomes add a Christmas atmosphere to the small garden Whether it is a front garden Or backyard Or can be set as a pot on the balcony of the house Equally cute

6.Fill the garden with flashing lights and wow.

Flickering lights are another cute idea and create a Christmas atmosphere. Two-story houses / two-story townhomes and townhomes on the outskirts of the PURI Estate (PURI Estate) recommends the idea of ​​flashing lights in the garden. Which is so easy Just decorate the flashing yellow lights or various colors in the garden. And turn to blink during the night I certify that Wow. The more you look, the more beautiful Or, if one would choose both, the idea is to decorate the garden with Poinsettia and then decorate the other plants in the garden with flashing lights, you will definitely enjoy Christmas this year.