Author: 8octavia

Ideas for Your Best Christmas Festival

We wish you a merry Christmas The festival of parade, fun, entertainment, before the New Year has arrived. PURI Estate therefore invites you to decorate a 2-storey house / two-story townhome or a suburban townhome for Christmas. Don’t worry about this work. Because even though the space is limited But the idea is just a […]

Budget-style landscaping

Landscaping refers to a place where plants are planted in an orderly and proportionate way, mainly outside the building. To create a beautiful atmosphere for that place It is a new form of nature or imitated nature. In addition, landscaping is also an important part of making our home nice to live because we have […]

Home Decor with Minimal Style

Minimal Style & Home décor that are trending right now. Is a simple decoration style Use less furniture But very useful Including the selection of things Only as needed Which will be arranged in an orderly manner The uniqueness of minimalist décor usually has a monotone or light color scheme. Including designs with straight and […]

9 outstanding feng shui for your success life

“Feng Shui” is another matter that home lovers should not miss. Because many families who believe in feng shui in building homes have experienced goodness in their lives for many families. Anyone who doesn’t believe it, do not disrespect. Because good feng shui affects the minds of the residents. Therefore, DDproperty today brings the 9 […]