9 outstanding feng shui for your success life

9 outstanding feng shui for your success life

“Feng Shui” is another matter that home lovers should not miss. Because many families who believe in feng shui in building homes have experienced goodness in their lives for many families. Anyone who doesn’t believe it, do not disrespect. Because good feng shui affects the minds of the residents. Therefore, DDproperty today brings the 9 good feng shui science points inside the house to share with readers today. If someone who has never followed or is looking for a way to be comfortable Adjusting your new life, it can bring all 9 good feng shui principles to be applied in the house to make life progress. By not only adapting to the correct principles for people at home People looking for a new home Can use these 9 feng shui principles to help you decide to buy a new house

  1. Open-close the door without making noise.

The door is the first thing that enters the house for the first time. Out of the house was the last time. Many people who go in and out of the house may not even notice. Whether the condo door is good, the house door can be If anyone who twists the knob into – out of the house and the door has a sound like a cry, it is completely wrong. It also affects the mood of the residents, causing annoyance. The people in the house are annoyed from the door. Therefore, in principle, oil on the hinges and knobs should always be used to create positive energy for the people in the house.

  1. Walk into the house from the main door.

For home feng shui The door is still the key But this is not a feng shui modification of the house or the door. But to modify the usage characteristics of the residents Especially those who have a parking lot behind the house or have a door to the house at the parking lot and use that door as an entrance-exit on a regular basis, switch to the main door. If not convenient, use it only once a week. Twice Regarded as receiving new powers To enter the house It is also the entrance point of the front of the house, allowing us to check the beauty or the letter that was sent in the main entrance to not be dropped.

  1. Place a fountain in the middle of the house.

Water is something that represents wealth in the home according to Feng Shui principles. It is not surprising that there is a fountain in the middle of the famous drama or home. Because that’s the best place to place a fountain. If our house is not very large Can put a fountain in front of the house Emphasize the point where the water flows as the path to the center of your home. And according to Feng Shui, it is like the opportunity of wealth that will flow into your home.

4.Plant plants above the kitchen counter

Planting plants above the kitchen counter top. Considered good feng shui Because the area above the cabinet floor is often the center of dust. By planting a plant in that area, the dead energy can be restored to its vitality. In addition to providing positive energy, it also makes the kitchen look cleaner and fresher.

  1. The bathroom door used to be closed.

As said in item 3 that according to Feng Shui principles Water is wealth Therefore, when finished using the bathroom, the door should be opened so that water energy does not flow from the house. Including the toilet cover itself, which should be used and closed as well In addition to being able to create wealth according to Feng Shui principles It also helps to keep it clean for smell and usability.

6.Adjust the bed position

A bed is a piece of furniture that stays with you for hours. Placing the bed in the right direction according to Feng Shui principles will help promote life progress in work. By placing the bed in the correct direction, the end of the bed must be facing the door of the room. Do not place your head close to the entrance – exit, which will help with feng shui. It also helps with safety if the foot end of the bed is facing the door. Because if someone enters – leaves the bedroom will see immediately

  1. Turn off the bedroom TV if not in use.

Anyone who has a television in their bedroom and often falls asleep without turning off the TV. Considered a mistake in feng shui as well This is because electronic energy containing sound, color and noise hinders energy, tranquility. Make life hectic Therefore, if the TV is not in use, it should be turned off every time.

  1. Clean windows regularly.

The window symbolizes the eye And is something that can receive light to illuminate him in the house Like receiving new energy every morning, the window is another part that should not allow dust to cling to or obscure the light. So, wiping out old newspapers and vinegar regularly can keep windows clean without wasting your budget.

  1. Make your home fresh with essential oils or natural extracts.

Keeping the air fresh all the time is to burn away old energy and welcome new energy according to Feng Shui principles. However, there are several ways to freshen the air in the house. Whether it is the paste or the use of extracts In any case, choose natural extracts that reduce chemicals in your home and contribute to good health.