Budget-style landscaping

Home Garden Deco

Landscaping refers to a place where plants are planted in an orderly and proportionate way, mainly outside the building. To create a beautiful atmosphere for that place It is a new form of nature or imitated nature. In addition, landscaping is also an important part of making our home nice to live because we have a beautiful garden that will make us feel that our home is ahead.

There are actually quite a variety of landscaping such as Thai garden, Chinese garden, Japanese garden, imaginary garden, public garden, home garden, rock garden, garden, water garden or potted garden. In the form mentioned above We can arrange accordingly. But the first thing that needs to be considered is Matters of the location and environment in our home That we will apply which garden style to apply to make it more beautiful in our home

For today, Beyon has chosen 1 style, that is, landscaping. Because it is considered a general gardening That Beyon thought Many Bario fans should be able to follow together ^^

Small garden refers to a compact garden that uses less ground and is organized into spots in the area of ​​the house such as the front of the house, the middle of the house, the corner of the house or the back of the house. To add outstanding beauty Looks shady and comfortable to the eye area in our area. Landscaping is the most popular type. Because it saves space And cost savings Care is not very difficult. And help change the atmosphere of a house that may have been just a normal corner before Until it becomes a resting corner for family members as well

For landscaping that garden First, let us find a perfect arrangement a little, for example, choosing a garden in the area where we sit and look out from the living room. Through a door or window can be seen. Then gradually start to define and some proportion of the area in the gardening.

This type of gardening uses non-wasteful equipment such as 1 rock, 1 group of mulching trees, and 1 medium sized shrub.The rest will be decorative accessories such as dolls, jars, etc.

How to arrange a garden

1. Clear the area.

– Start by managing the area where we will be clearing, mowing, or clearing out stone, leaves Not desirable.

2. Draft

– Set the position of the tree Stone to lay out Or ponds and waterfalls that should be positioned Drawing on paper will help to better visualize and correct any flaws.

3. Set the pathway

– To observe the entrance and exit of our house And set the path clearly To be able to walk around the house or travel the house to the garden. You can choose materials such as bricks, cobblestone or lath according to our preferences.

4. Choose a tree to plant

– Should choose trees that are suitable for the area of ​​our home tight. With the main wood, large, middle, small, in order And a small canopy to cover the soil in front for a more beautiful look Or find beautiful flowers Ceramic fountain doll placed in place makes it more beautiful.

5. Adjust the area to get the same condition as sketched.

– In some areas where you want to make a slope, sprinkle with lime around that area. To determine the position and fill the soil to the desired slope Adjustment of the site should be done after all other construction has been completed. This is because plumbing or laying wires may be dug. This will damage the adjusted area.

6. Cover the soil to keep the plants moist.

– Thailand is quite hot. Strong sunlight causes the soil to lose moisture. So we were looking for small plants to cover the top of the soil, such as the popular begonia. And has quite beautiful colors The benefit of covering the soil is to keep the soil moist. The trees will not die easily.

7.Take care

– It is quite important. Before we set up a garden and choose a tree type Must have some knowledge In order to find out which plants like air and what kind of water they like, then take care of it regularly. The garden will be beautiful and endure with us for a long time.

If you want to plant grass But the house area has less light Should choose Malaysian grass crab

Does not require much care Do not cut often. The grass will grow tight.

The landscaping of the garden is actually not that difficult. Plus Beyon thinks that it is a fun activity within the family as well ^^ Will the garden be beautiful or not? It depends on the design that we can draft a rough paper and look first. Including need to be maintained regularly, just like this, we need to go out to find a place to rest outside the house. Make this our house more livable with beautiful gardens.